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The first step...

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supercerealoso supercerealoso: Iron Man's Problem
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Well, I've made to much DC parodies, it was time for some Marvel.
Posted: 20th May 2013, 12:39 AM
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I am Iron Man
AA Reunion Welcome
Hi! Iron Man!
supercerealoso supercerealoso: RGB (last blog entry)

I did an experiment to find out which color is the easiest to remove from sketches. I used red, green and blue because those are actually the basic ones used in image files. This is the original image that I scanned:

Now this is the red channel of the same image:

This is the green channel:

And this is the blue channel:

It seems that red is the better option, at least with the specific tones I have available, which is weird because everybody uses blue (at least that’s what I’ve heard).

Posted: 25th Feb 2017, 2:04 AM
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Simon Simon: Ambassador
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Hey, I found your site through (what I presume was) your post on reddit. I like it, thought the one about Looper was really funny, poor kid blue, am I right. Also liked the christmas one with the coal and the Amazing Spider-man new years eve bashing. I'm at issue 13 and need to catch up on the rest.

I didn't want to be a douche and just like everything to get traffic to my site
so instead I wanted to read through what I liked before I like it (that word has lost it's meaning a little bit).

Maybe I'm too much of a nice guy.
Well enough with the compliments, I hope you like my site as much as I like yours and keep on crunching those comics out. I'll put your site in my RSS reader between Dinosaur Comics and Questionable Content if that's OK.

Ha det bra!

PS: pretty please read the stuff over at
Posted: 20th May 2013, 2:03 AM
Simon Simon: Keeping on ambassodoring(?)
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Oh yeah I almost forgot. The reason why I picked your comic was because our last comic also was Iron Man-related.

Keep on keeping on!

Posted: 20th May 2013, 2:16 AM
supercerealoso supercerealoso:
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@Simon: Thanks for the comments! I'll visit.
Posted: 20th May 2013, 2:31 AM