Power of Power - Looper: Kid Blue, You Suck - kid blue, looper, gordon-levitt

Poor Kid Blue...

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supercerealoso supercerealoso: Looper: Kid Blue, You Suck
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This strip was tumblred by Noah Segan (The Real Kid Blue!). That was really awesome.
Posted: 11th Nov 2012, 12:00 AM
Keywords: kid blue, looper, gordon-levitt
Looper: Kid blue, you suck
Hey, Gordon-Levitt, look
I'm gonna shoot ya
On a flyin' motorcile -thingy
How cool is that?
I'm busy
Have to kill that bald me from the future
Sorry boss
You took Bruce Willis to our hideout
Fucking Bruce Willis
You got us all killed
You suck
supercerealoso supercerealoso: RGB (last blog entry)

I did an experiment to find out which color is the easiest to remove from sketches. I used red, green and blue because those are actually the basic ones used in image files. This is the original image that I scanned:

Now this is the red channel of the same image:

This is the green channel:

And this is the blue channel:

It seems that red is the better option, at least with the specific tones I have available, which is weird because everybody uses blue (at least that’s what I’ve heard).

Posted: 25th Feb 2017, 2:04 AM
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