Power of Power - A Bad Day in Angel Grove - power rangers, megazord, cookie monster, monster, disaster, angel grove


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supercerealoso supercerealoso: A Bad Day in Angel Grove
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In portuguese.
Posted: 27th Jan 2013, 12:00 AM
Keywords: power rangers, megazord, cookie monster, monster, disaster, angel grove
Well done rangers
Minimal casualties, like always
supercerealoso supercerealoso: RGB (last blog entry)

I did an experiment to find out which color is the easiest to remove from sketches. I used red, green and blue because those are actually the basic ones used in image files. This is the original image that I scanned:

Now this is the red channel of the same image:

This is the green channel:

And this is the blue channel:

It seems that red is the better option, at least with the specific tones I have available, which is weird because everybody uses blue (at least that’s what I’ve heard).

Posted: 25th Feb 2017, 2:04 AM
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ranger_brianna_new ranger_brianna_new: /was a huge fanboy
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In-universe, I believe at some point or another, they actually gave a handwave for how the apparent damage was dealt with. I think it was a combination of Genre Savviness ("Hmm...approximately once a week, we have this giant monster show up and trash the town. Maybe we should take some precautions." :P) and the flashiness we observe being exaggerated. Bit rusty on my Ranger lore, though. (Ironic, given my name, I know. :P)

On a less power ranger fanboy mindset...

CURSE YOU, RANGERS, FOR KILLING THE COOKIE MONSTER! ALL HE WANTED TO DO WAS EAT SOME COOKIES! (Cookies which may or may not have had humans baked in them*, BUT STILL...... :P)

*What? They had an episode where the monster cooked the Rangers into a pizza. Baking humans into cookies sounds a lot more plausible given that. :P
Posted: 27th May 2013, 3:59 AM
supercerealoso supercerealoso:
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But, cookie monster... T__T
Posted: 27th May 2013, 5:58 AM