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Crazy Flash Animation

by supercerealoso on 5th Nov 2013, 10:28 PM

Look, some crazy shit I did back in the day...

Top 10

by supercerealoso on 10th Sep 2013, 12:30 PM

We'll I've been doing some queries in Google Analytics, and I thought I should do a top 10 post. So *drumbeats*.

#10 - The Dark Knight Trilogy

This comic originated from an observation made by my friend @albertohdz90, he once said The Dark Knight Trilogy was like learning to conjugate with Batman.

#9 - Rorschach’s Secret Diary

During a Christmas party with some friends, one of them had to climb into the roof to hang a piñata and he looked like a vigilante so I came up with this.

#8 - Flash Is Slow…

One time I got a coffee in StarBucks and when I was asked for my name I answered: "Batman", se there were LOLs and I remembered a funny moment in JLU when Lex Luthor has Flash's body and tryes to find out his real identity, so I thought Flash was innocent enough to fall for this.

#7 - The Treachery of Batman

I just like The Treachery of Images and Batman.

#6 - This Comic Is Not Available in Your Dashboard

I wanted to make a comic that could only be seen on web, but I wasn't really sure how i should do it, then, when I found a there was a JS library for geolocalization, I just had this idea.

#5 - Everybody Hates The Comb

My mom still combs me, it hurts.

#4 - And That Kids, Is How I Met Your Mother

This one was @yugimotta's idea, he's a big fan of that show.

#3 - Clouds

Just me being silly.

#2 - Pokécoding

Sometimes coding is just so tedious that you actually do things like this to make it fun, but if you ever had a coding class, you've listened to your teacher's rants about this.

#1 - Green Arrow Is Jealous of Batman

This one was palafunk's idea.


by supercerealoso on 10th Sep 2013, 12:21 AM

Power of Power received a review recently so I wanted to have a link here. Also, I was thinking "I'm trying to get better at this (making webcomics) I guess any webcomic author is, so reviews are very important". So, If you're new to this crazy webcomic world here's a list of some places you might like to try to get a review. But remember, you should have something to review, I guess 30 pages would be a nice number to have before you try to get a review. Also remember, you should be respectful, when people tell you about your flaws don't get agressive.

Super Elvis

by supercerealoso on 1st Jul 2013, 1:17 AM

The other day I offered to draw requests on reddit and this popped out.

Disco Whale

by supercerealoso on 25th Jun 2013, 6:11 AM

I drew a whale, a disco whale.

Drawings by Request

by supercerealoso on 25th May 2013, 12:49 AM

Some time ago I offered to draw anything in this post (from Reddit). Here are the drawings:


"I'm a huge fallout fan and it would be great if you drew this : http://images4.alphacoders.com/119/119864.jpg or this http://www.superbwallpapers.com/games/fallout-new-vegas-15040/" - mike1146l

"I really like you're style! I think a good idea that would suit you is to draw a penguin riding a turtle to victory!" - TheFirePanda

"I'd like to see your rendition of my username. It is Pookie from Garfield." - Pookiethewookie

"Could you draw me a james bond narwhal with a Christmas sweater on holding a gun and a teddy bear with an evil car dealership floppy guy staring at him with red laser eyes?" - Hoss888


"First thing that comes to mind when you read my username." - KidWREC

"can you draw a picture of just Noel Gallagher's face?" - PeePooSmoothie

"My screen name? I guess either a red goat(rouge is French for red) or a goat wearing makeup would work.

....it was a typo of rogue from a long time ago." - rougegoat

"So, this may sound kind of elaborate, and I've never tried expressing this picture that has been in my head for a while in words before, so I apologize in advance if there is confusion.

Could you draw a silhouette of me (a tall male, if that helps) lying down, and in the silhouette, there is a small island (just a palm tree and a mound of sand), surrounded by water. On the island is another me, stargazing into the outer silhouette of me.

If you want me to clarify anything, I'd be happy to. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated :)" - zenzer42

"How about the brave little toaster fighting the devil...it's for my church youth group" - Markaholic

"If you would oblige me with your artistic talent, I would like to see my username." - MusicalOverdose

"Hey there. I would love a picture of a purple baby triceratops and a blue baby any other kind of dinosaur, sitting/chillin under a tree. Girly, and cheesy but would love to see what you come up with please and thank you :)" - --triSARAHtops--

"For the love of Reddit would someone draw a Penguin on a Motorcycle for once?!" - Deleted User

"can u draw a flyinggoatman for me? :)" - flyinggoatman

"I would like to see Boba Fett and Nightcrawler from x-men arm wrestling." - rolltideamerica

"A man in a suit with brown hair on a giraffe wit" - Ibonegiraffes

"David Bowie with kittens" - Jacobfowler10

A friend riding a narwhal in space:

Music Time

by supercerealoso on 17th May 2013, 7:33 AM

Well sometimes I try to make music, and it never works... Except for this one (I did this song with MIDI and soundfonts):


I'm also a drummer and have a crappy band, here's some of what we do:


Dynamic Background

by supercerealoso on 14th May 2013, 7:04 AM

Some time ago I wanted to make a dynamic background for my other comic, Not ‘Super’ at All. I did that because I liked the idea of just one of the characters in the background but they all were important, so they all appear in the background once in a while.


To do this I used this code:







 numOfBgs = 2;

 var randomnumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * numOfBgs) + 1;

 document.body.className = "body" + randomnumber;





It´s really simple to add more backgrounds, you just have to change the line numOfBgs = 2; for the new number of Backgrounds and add a bodyX{background:url(http://path.to/imageX.jpg);} for every background Image.


I guess It may be useful for someone else...

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