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We'll I've been doing some queries in Google Analytics, and I thought I should do a top 10 post. So *drumbeats*.

#10 - The Dark Knight Trilogy

This comic originated from an observation made by my friend @albertohdz90, he once said The Dark Knight Trilogy was like learning to conjugate with Batman.

#9 - Rorschach’s Secret Diary

During a Christmas party with some friends, one of them had to climb into the roof to hang a piñata and he looked like a vigilante so I came up with this.

#8 - Flash Is Slow…

One time I got a coffee in StarBucks and when I was asked for my name I answered: "Batman", se there were LOLs and I remembered a funny moment in JLU when Lex Luthor has Flash's body and tryes to find out his real identity, so I thought Flash was innocent enough to fall for this.

#7 - The Treachery of Batman

I just like The Treachery of Images and Batman.

#6 - This Comic Is Not Available in Your Dashboard

I wanted to make a comic that could only be seen on web, but I wasn't really sure how i should do it, then, when I found a there was a JS library for geolocalization, I just had this idea.

#5 - Everybody Hates The Comb

My mom still combs me, it hurts.

#4 - And That Kids, Is How I Met Your Mother

This one was @yugimotta's idea, he's a big fan of that show.

#3 - Clouds

Just me being silly.

#2 - Pokécoding

Sometimes coding is just so tedious that you actually do things like this to make it fun, but if you ever had a coding class, you've listened to your teacher's rants about this.

#1 - Green Arrow Is Jealous of Batman

This one was palafunk's idea.

Posted: 10th Sep 2013, 12:30 PM
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